CMAS OPORTO 2010 - First informations

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Hi all

This is the first step for registration…

The Venue it will be in the Clube Fluvial Portuense Swimming Pool Complex  

Due to the measurements of the pool  we will have 2 fields for 25x15  and depth 2.25   with very fast tiles  with no gap between tiles so very fast bottom.  

Form the warm up there is and you can see in the photos a swimming pool with 4 lanes of 50 meters with 1.50m depth 

The swimming pool complex is in the Center of Oporto  see Pool1.jpg


The fees are fixed at 2500 euro this include :

All the games on dvd after each games

Free WIFI acees at the Pool for every body

12 player and 2 coach entry at the Party


Special price if you bring a referee


If Ref Qualifies as Level 3 then Euro1000 referee per team refunded

Level 2 then Euro500 per team refunded

Level 1 then Euro200 per team refunded


The ranking of the referee will be done by a fitness test before the start of the tournament and they will be rank during the tournament so on Friday you will have you cash refound

The referee doesn’t need to be from you country


The list of the Referee rank in Kranj 2009 see “Kranj reff rating”

Bip test see  “CMAS refreee structure 0;1”


We will provide you soon the IBAN of the Bank and le list of the Hotel

Attention all the team must have been register on CMAS and pay their license 4,5 euro and send them a photo of each player (and official) to put on the card that will be the entry pass in case of no picture we will charge you 30 euro for the pass.


In case of any question feel free to ask marta pons de molina she will dispatch the question to the person in charge of the subject.


Best regards


Thomas de Trébons

President of the CMAS Underwater Hockey commission